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"I will continue to support policies to enhance our security, protect our troops and to promote American values."

National Security

We live in an increasingly unstable world. Sadly, because of President Obama’s failed leadership, nations like Russia, Iran and North Korea continue to promote chaos, instability and threaten global security. While the President fails to act, a U.S. Ambassador dies in vain, Israel’s security is threatened, and Afghanistan and Iraq fall apart as U.S. Armed Forces are arbitrarily withdrawn.

More than ever, we need a strong national defense able to protect American interests abroad while keeping our citizens safe at home. Our enemies have demonstrated they will not rest, and neither should we. The civilized, democratic world is desperately waiting on American leadership to maintain the peace, contain brutal dictators, promote global commerce and reassert itself as an economic and military superpower. Only through strong American leadership will the world be safer and more prosperous.
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