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"There is no other way to put it: Obamacare is a complete failure. That is why I am proud to lead the effort in the House of Representatives to dismantle one of the worst pieces of legislation in American history. As a doctor, heart surgeon, with years of experience caring for patients, I understand firsthand the problems plaguing our system. It is time we rely on market-based solutions- not a socialist one where bureaucrats get in the way- to provide the highest quality and most affordable care in the world."
Health Care
Leading the fight to end Obamacare.

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Sponsored the CLASS Act, HR 1173, to repeal the dangerous ponzi-scheme in Obamacare.

Read Summary of the Ponzi-scheme CLASS Act

Delivered the Republican response to President Obama’s healthcare speech.

Key advocate for consumers to purchase health insurance across state lines.

Legislative leader to enhance features of flexible spending accounts to give consumer more choice and options for healthcare needs.