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"I am proud that South Louisiana supplies the energy powering America, and that is a tradition we need to continue in a responsible way. We must not only resume, but also expand, oil and gas production off our coast, now! President Obama is out of touch to suggest we increase our dependence on foreign oil. You and I both know this approach only threatens our national and economic security. While Obama bureaucrats continue dragging out the permitting process, gasoline prices skyrocket and coastal Louisianans are suffering. We need to promote American energy, not punish it. "
Led bipartisan letters to President Obama to end the moratorium and restore job opportunities in the Gulf.

Section-by-Section Summary of the RESTORE Gulf Coast Act, HR 3096

Co-sponsored the Putting the Gulf of Mexico back to Work Act, HR 1229 and Restarting American Offshore Leasing Now Act, HR 1230.

Summary of the Restarting American Offshore Leasing Act Now, HR 1230

Continuing to be a tireless advocate of the Keystone Pipeline which will create thousands of jobs and ensure our country’s energy security.