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"We are very thankful for the help you and your staff provided to us while my wife’s disability application was in process. As a lifelong worker, who now faces the inability to work, my wife is finally resting a little easier knowing that her benefits will help her to continue to be a provider for our family. We are certain that the constant monitoring and involvement during the time the application was under review had a role in the benefits being approved so quickly. A special thanks to your office staff who was always available to answer questions and assist in any way possible."
Gerald H. , Breaux Bridge

"Congressman Boustany helped me with my Social Security Disability. I was very impressed with the care and follow through.

I have always been a registered Democrat, but I will always vote for Congressman Boustany from now on. My mother says she will too. It’s rare to feel that your representatives care and help individual members of their constituency.
Amy L. , Kaplan

"My health declined to the extent that in order to keep my family functioning financially, I had to humbly make a claim for benefits. At times we felt we were lost in the shuffle. I cannot express how helpful your staff was to me.

We will never forget, Dr. Boustany, the help we received from you and your office in our time of crisis. God bless you and your wonderful staff."
Thomas T. , Breaux Bridge

"Congressman Boustany is doing a great job, and we need more guys like him in office. Keep up the good work!"
Charles H, Crowley, LA

"Charles is a proven leader in Congress-- on healthcare issues, restoring fiscal discipline, protecting Medicare, increasing energy supplies, and expanding opportunities for Louisiana businesses to succeed. He is a conservative with a proven record of accomplishments, articulate solutions and earnest leadership. He has done a great job and will continue to do so. God Bless Charles and his family."
Alex S, Miami

"Dr. Boustany kindness was truly a blessing to me. This man was so kind and good to me and my child. My oldest daughter is 23 years old and married with a child of her own now. About 21 and a half years ago she had open heart surgery in Lafayette, Louisiana.
I am from Mamou, Louisiana. At that time I was pregnant with my second daughter whom is now 21. Dr. Boustany was the assistant to the surgeon Dr. Dalal. Dr. Boustany came and talked to me and seen I was pregnant, I told him I had spent the night before on
the floor of the waiting room. Dr. Boustany was outraged about this. He told one of the hospital employees to get me a room with a bed to sleep in. She replied we dont have any rooms available. Dr. Boustany then told her he saw empty rooms and to get me one
and if he had to he would pay for the room. They then provided me with a room. I wanted to stay at the hospital, and near by, my daughter was only 19 months then, my first child, going through open heart surgery, and our home was over and hour away"
Justine D, Mamou

"I have known Charles for almost 30 years. He has been a very stable and consistent pro-family, pro-life, conservative who has spent his life serving others. He has done a great job in a very turbulent Capitol City and needs to continue the work he began."
Jay S, Lake Charles

"I have known Dr. Charles Boustany for a very long time. Dr. Boustany cares deeply about the issues facing South Louisiana and has been a true servant for the people. I appreciate what he has done for our veterans and also what he is doing to stop Obamacare. He has been a strong leader for our area--let's keep him in Congress. Dr. Boustany is a serious minded public servant who has served our area with distinction and honor."
Sharon C, Lafayette

"Charles Boustany has my vote."
Syble E, Lake Charles

"Rep. Charles Boustany was here in South Louisiana after hurricanes Rita and Ike when the government and media barely gave us the time of day. His office in Lake Charles is convenient and responsive. I believe he has earned the respect and right to be re-elected to another term in Congress."
Marcella R, Westlake

"As a disabled Vietnam Veteran, I am happy to endose Dr. Boustany. My VA Claim was going around in circles at the VA until I contacted Dr. Boustany's office. They were able to have my claim reviewed and approved and that got me in the system after years of trying. Thanks to Dr. Boustany and the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) I am getting the medical treatment throught the VA that I needed."
Jay K, Lafayette

"Dr.Boustany has done a great job for us in the district as well as in the state of Louisiana. We are proud of him."

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