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"Dr. Boustany kindness was truly a blessing to me. This man was so kind and good to me and my child. My oldest daughter is 23 years old and married with a child of her own now. About 21 and a half years ago she had open heart surgery in Lafayette, Louisiana. I am from Mamou, Louisiana. At that time I was pregnant with my second daughter whom is now 21. Dr. Boustany was the assistant to the surgeon Dr. Dalal. Dr. Boustany came and talked to me and seen I was pregnant, I told him I had spent the night before on the floor of the waiting room. Dr. Boustany was outraged about this. He told one of the hospital employees to get me a room with a bed to sleep in. She replied we dont have any rooms available. Dr. Boustany then told her he saw empty rooms and to get me one and if he had to he would pay for the room. They then provided me with a room. I wanted to stay at the hospital, and near by, my daughter was only 19 months then, my first child, going through open heart surgery, and our home was over and hour away"
Justine D, Mamou


Serving Louisiana’s 3rd Congressional District

Congressman Charles W. Boustany, Jr., MD serves Louisiana’s 3rd Congressional District as a leader in Washington, DC, with a proven conservative record of accomplishments, common-sense solutions, and honest leadership. Congressman Boustany, a heart surgeon with 30 years of experience, is a dedicated leader in Congress on tax policy, energy, health care, fiscal discipline, Medicare, and expanding opportunities for Louisiana businesses to succeed.

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